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A lot was lost after the final collapse.

Knowledge and information, once considered common place and accepted, had to be re-researched and rediscovered. Once Haven was founded, however, lots of old-world books and documents were salvaged and restored, giving the public information on essentially every topic.

For organizations sake, each government sector has its own library. This was designed so researchers would not have to wander around Haven too much looking for the relevant documents for their sector, and was also designed to prevent the entirety of Havens knowledge base to go up in smoke all at once in a freak heat wave.

So, take a look. Which library would you like to visit?

(The Military Branch)

(The Agriculture and Labor Reference Center)

(The Law Archives)

(The Science and Medicine Atheneum)

Or, if you aren’t really interested in any reading, you can check out The Market.

Main Page

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