A fold-up table is covered in weapons.

Shotguns. Rifles. Pistols. Knives. Swords. It’s all laid out for anyone to pick up and look at it.
Markus the gun dealer is standing behind it.

“I like killing things. You need help killing things. Let’s make a deal.”


“You like to blow shit up? Right on brother. Let me help you out!”

Mining Charges (4) – 345 credits Grenade (5) – 80 credits
Flash Bang (5) – 62 credits Smoke Grenade (5) – 58 credits

Ranged Weaponry

Hand Guns

“You want a side arm? We got sidearms. All sorts a pea-shooters & pistols. Whatcha looking for?”

[All pistols cost the same. They look however you choose, and do the same damage. (1d8)]

25 credits

“You more of a long distance type? That’s cool. Mah sister is like that.”

[All rifles cost the same, and do the same damage (1d8). They look however you wish.]

35 credits
Long Bow (Wooden)

“Classic Weapon. Mah pa is into ’em. Never could get the hand for it”

[Does 1d6 of damage.]

30 credits
Compound Bow (Fiberux)

“Take something classic, but put a modern spin on it. Thats what ’mah ma always said.”

[Does 1d8 of damage. Requires a survival skill of 45 to use effectively.]

60 credits
Cross Bow (Wooden)

“Back by popular demand. Easy to load, slow to fire. Amateur’s dream. Requires no training to use.”

[You monsters. 1d6.]

40 credits
Cross Bow (Fiberux)

“Fiberux makes everything better, doesn’t it? You can use it for damn near anything.”

[I never liked crossbows. 1d8. Requires a survival skill of 45 to use effectively]

80 credits
Shot Guns

“These fuckers ’ell kill your target, and anyone else in the room.”

[Shotguns look however you choose, and all do the same damage. 5d4]

35 credits
Missile Launcher

“This thing is /fucking/ insane. Don’t use it indoors!”

[Requires a Guns and Explosives skill of 100. Because it is OP.]

480 credits

Blades & Shit

Weapon Mods

Throwing Knives (10)

“And I was all like ting, ting, ting. Didn’t hit a thing. Anyways, wanna buy ’em off me?”

[Requires a Melee skill of 25 to use effectively. Does 1d4 of damage.]

25 credits
Bladed Weapon

“Swords. Machetes. Switchblades. You want ’em, we got ’em. What exactly you looking for?”

[They look however you want. Does the same damage (1d8). Some rarer blades may require a higher Melee skill.]

35 credits

“Just like the military police use! Hard to use lethally, however.”

[Does 1d6 of damage. Non-Lethal]

30 credits
Boxing Tape

“It helps to have a little something behind your punches.”

[Does 1d4 of damage]

5 credits
Fiber Wire

“Quick, effective, silent. You’d figure it’d be easy to use, too, but it ’aint.”

[Silent takedown of all unaware humanoid enemies. Requires an Melee or Stealth skill of 60.]

45 credits
Brass Knuckles

“Planning on starting a bar fight, eh?.”

[1d6 damage. Need a melee skill of 40 to use effectively.]

40 credits
Fiberux Parts
Guns – Decreases weapon weight
30 credits
Pistols & Rifles – Decreases weapon noise, but lowers gun damage
50 credits
Extended Magazines
Guns – Increases clip size by +3
30 credits
Night Scope
Rifles – Allows greater firing capability in the dark
50 credits
Fiberux Alloy Blade
Melee (Blades) – Increases Damage & Decreases weight
40 credits
Sharpening Sheath
Melee (Blades) – Keeps blade constantly sharp, at the cost of quicker blade decay
30 credits


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