(Medical Equipment)

A segment of the market is run by the Science & Medical department.

A small lady in a lab coat is selling medical equipment and home-brewed remedies.

“You look pale, dear. Are you a little ill, or just tired of all the violence?”

MedShot – 12 credits
“If you have the skill, these syringes can be used on yourself, or others, to speed up the healing process of most wounds. Go from a years recovery to a few days. Remarkable stuff.”
MedWrap – 24 credits
“They’re just bandages, sweety. Bandages soaked in a little healing salve. Stops bleeding remarkably quickly.”
ToxShot – 15 credits
“You need to know a bit about medicine, but these are really handy when you have a cold, or are bitten by a snake. Kicks your immune system right where it needs to be to speed up healing. Remember to not use them when your healthy, dear.”
Steady – 20 credits
“Keeps your hands from shaking. Surgeons and Snipers alike love the stuff. Don’t use it to often, though, it’s known to be addictive.”
Medical Supplies – 10 credits
“Has enough bandages and braces to hold together around 5 broken limbs. Useful to just have around, I suppose.”
NightSight – 16 credits
“Lets you see a little better in the dark. Remember not to take too many in quick succession, or else you could go temporarily blind.”

(Medical Equipment)

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