(Foodstuffs and Equipment)

A large stand is tucked away in one of the back corners of the market.

An old man is seated in a folding chair. Crates surround him on all sides, and a display table has some of his most popular items sitting down for quick grabbing.

“Won’t find a better deal on equipment anywhere else in haven. What are you looking for, lad?”

Standard Explorers Kit

“Planning on exploring the bad lands? Luck to ya. You’ll need this if you want to survive more then a day. Which you probably won’t anyway.”

[Contains backpack, bedroll, fire-starter, trail rations (10 days), water skin, and candles (2)]

70 credits
Environmental Analyzer

“You ever see one of these? Some boys down in engineering designed them. I don’t know how they work, But they can warn you about all sorts of environmental hazards you might be facing.”

[Warns you about potentially dangerous environments, like pesticide dead-zones.]

800 credits
Climbers Kit

“You wanna climb some shit? I can help you climb some shit.”

[hook, hammer, pitons (10), rope (50 ft.)]

15 credits
Navigation Equipment

“Hey, I don’t like looking at maps, but if that’s your thing, that’s your thing.”

[Contains plastic case, compass, sextant, blank sheets of plastic, and a marker. can be used to draw maps.]

25 credits
Gun Maintenance Kit

“Best maintenance kit on the market, besides the ones them military folks have.”

[Has everything required for basic rifle + pistol maintenance. Can also be used for some basic crafting.]

30 credits
Laboratory Bag

“You like doing science on the run? I sure don’t. Get this damn thing off my hands.”

[Contains test tube, flask, microscope, tweezers, scalpel, beaker, funnel, syringes (3), rubber hose, spoon.]

34 credits
Lock Picking Kit

“Hey, see no evil, hear no evil, am I right? I won’t tell nobody ’bout your purchasing.”

[Everything you need to pick tumbler locks.]

20 credits
Handheld Radios

“Pretty neat, eh? Spin the thing on the side to recharge ’em.”

[Set of two handheld radios. Can be used to communicate up to 2 kilometers.]

60 credits
Hot Disk

“Why risk having your fire spotted by raiders? This’ll warm up things just as well, minus the light.”

[Can be used for cooking and warming a campsite]

130 credits
Tool Bag

“I’m not very handy myself.”

[Contains hammer, hand-drill, screwdriver, saw, clamp, file and wrench.]

35 credits

“I got plenty of other stuff strewn about. What are you looking for?”

Binoculars – 50 credits Collapsible Pot – 8 credits Hand Cuffs – 6 credits
Crowbar – 3 credits Flare – 5 credits Folding Shovel – 10 credits
Sleeping Bag – 9 credits Tent – 34 credits Multi-Tool – 12 credits

(Foodstuffs and Equipment)

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