Vittoria Sansa Greymark

A reckless assassin who tries to pretend she has a heart of stone.



Chaotic Good

18 years old
100 lbs
Brown hair
Blue eyes

Strength: 6
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 3 (+2 except in radio-blocked area)
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 8
Luck: 5


Small Frame
+1 Agility, but you are hurt much easier.

Trigger Discipline
Guns are much more accurate, but you fire slower.

Special Abilities

  • fluent in English, German, and Russian
  • expert in solo free climbing
  • trained in mixed martial arts, primarily jiu-jitsu and kickboxing
  • Able to preform first aid on herself and others ranging from treatment of minor cuts and bruises to field surgery

Barter: 11
Explosives: 17
Guns: 21
Lockpick: 17
★Medicine: 30
★Melee Weapons: 32
Repair: 15
Science: 15
★Sneak: 36
Speech: 11
Survival: 19
Unarmed: 19

Basic Clothes
Light Armour
Throwing Knives (10)
Basic Blade
Standard Explorers Kit: Backpack, bedroll, fire-starter, trail rations (10 days), water skin, and candles (2).
Lock Picks
Boxing Tape
Medical Supplies: Splints and Bandages
Security Pass for Atlas Labs
Pouch containing 5 credits


Vittoria Greymark was born and raised in the remnants of Bremen, Germany. She is the older sister of two boys, Jonathan and Garret. Her drug dealer father was murdered the day of her youngest brother’s birth. Their mother was a harsh woman to begin with, but after their father’s murder claimed she had no more love for anyone, her children included.

Vittoria learned medicine from years of patching up herself and her brothers from numerous attacks from family and foe alike. As a child Vittoria practiced knife throwing and free climbing until she perfected the arts, along with her ability to remain invisible in a crowd. All have helped her steal food and supplies for her siblings. She is accustomed to killing in cold blood and is skilled in unseen assassination techniques.

On the night of her fifteenth birthday Vittoria discovered evidence of her mother having killed her uncle locked in the attic. Paired with the night’s attack on her youngest brother – which left him without part of his ear – Vittoria packed up her brothers and they ran away, going all the way overseas. The three lived on their own for a year in the remnants of New York, until she was arrested for killing a man for his food hoard. She eventually escaped custody, but when returning to the location she and her brothers has been staying at, Vittoria discovered Jonathan and Garret to be missing.

She left New York in search of them, and has been wandering from one pocket of civilization to another looking for them with the desperate, almost lunatic hope that her brothers may still be alive.

Vittoria openly states that she does not believe that love exists, nor does selflessness, empathy, and forgiveness. (However she still feels all such emotions in regards to her brothers and any close friends, despite how deep down such feelings are buried) Her ruthlessness is a contradiction to her Robin Hood like persona as she easily murders those with hoards of supplies and wealth and spreads it out amongst others.


  • climbing, high places, really any scenario where she is in a high vantage point.
  • painting (on glass, stone, canvas, usually using blood. Whatever she can get her hands on)
  • watching storms


  • Anyone she sees to be corrupt, unjust, or evil
  • Military or judicial figures
  • Being trapped in small or underground places
  • Being called any variation for her name other than Vittoria or Greymark (Vi, Tori, Sansa, Sansie, etc)

Vittoria Sansa Greymark

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