Cynddelw Deniol Jones

A faith-confused generalist struggling to find direction.


Strength: 6
Perception: 7
Endurance: 6 (+2=8)
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 6
Luck: 2

Trigger Discipline
Guns are much more accurate, but you fire slower.

+1 to all attributes when outdoors, -1 while indoors.

Pain Tolerance
Jones has always been able to take a beating. +2 to endurance.

Special Abilities

  • fluent in Latin, Hebrew, German, Welsh, Irish, and Scottish Gaelic
  • trained in kickboxing and aikido, and understands elements of jiu-jitsu
  • trained in first aid, CPR, and AED usage; thanks to medical skills picked up from various sources, also capable of diagnosing a wide variety of illnesses and health complications, including mental disorders

Barter: 15
★Explosives: 32
Guns: 15
Lockpick: 17
★Medicine: 32
Melee weapons: 15
Repair: 19
Science: 19
Sneak: 25
★Speech: 30
Unarmed: 13
Survival: 15

Basic clothes
Standard explorer kit (backpack, bedroll, 10 day’s worth of trail rations, water skin, 2 candles)
Lock picks
4 blocks of C4
5 sticks of dynamite
Basic blade
Long bow
Quiver with 24 arrows
Leather drawstring pouch containing 224 credit chips
Medical supplies (5 uses left)
3 MedShots
Ammo (30)


Jones was born in Blackdamp, a mining and agricultural district in south Wales known for a variety of atrocities, namely its reintroduction of slavery. Fortunately for him, the rural farming towns he lived in when he was young were of little interest to any mining giants, so he managed to avoid untimely death by child labor. His family’s luck ran out later in his life, however.

By the time he was sixteen, his mother was long dead, his father was inducted into work in Eternity (previously Cardiff), his brother was manufacturing blasting explosives a few towns over, and the whereabouts of his sister were unknown. He took comfort in religion; he had been drawn to faith in his childhood, and heavily involved himself in the goings-on of churches and similar buildings. He also found work in agriculture until an act of religious terrorism left his town in chaos—a church was levelled by stolen tertiary explosives. Separated from his family and ideologically disillusioned with the state of things in Blackdamp, Jones travelled to the coast and took the first ship he could to Canada, determined to find something better. He wound up in Haven, and currently lives there.

His past involvement in the mining industry, along with the textbooks and resources passed down to him by his father, have all contributed to his understanding of many scientific disciplines, namely explosives engineering, chemistry, and medicine. He mostly uses this knowledge for teaching, but much of what he’s picked up over the years also makes it easy for him to get by on whatever odd jobs around the city he can find.

Cynddelw Deniol Jones

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