Alexey Durant

A diplomat and general pacifist, currently attempting to reunite humanity.


Strength: 3
Perception: 6 (-1 when not wearing glasses, +2 when wearing glasses)
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 9
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 6
Luck: 4 (5 with augmentation. Chip that calculates odds a little faster. In combat situations, or dice rolls, I know which number I need to pull it off. Augmentations deactivate when in areas with radio blockage.)

Special Abilities / Traits:
-Completely fluent in English, French, and Russian. (Speaks English with a slight accent combination of the three languages)
-Trained in first aid, CPR, and AED usage.

Good Natured
Increases Speech, Medicine, Repair, Science and Barter by
+5, but decreases Explosives, Guns, Melee, and unarmed
by -5.

Four Eyes
+2 Perception when wearing glasses. -1 perception when
not. (He only wears them when he absolutely has to, as he doesn’t want them to get broken.)

-Leather wallet with 138 credits
-Basic clothes
-A pair of black, thick-rimmed glasses.
-Standard explorer’s kit (Backpack, bedroll, fire-starter, trail rations (10 days), water skin, and candles. (2) )
-Fiberux Padded Suit (+6)
-Hunting knife with sheath (He uses it more for hunting than defense.)
-Throwing knives (10)
-Long bow
-Quiver with 59 arrows
-Bag with five hard candies
-Laboratory Bag (Contains test tube, flask, microscope, tweezers, scalpel, beaker, funnel, syringes (3), rubber hose, spoon.)
-Tool Bag (Contains hammer, hand-drill, screwdriver, saw, clamp, file and wrench.)
-200’ Fiberux tape (“Sticky as hell. Can be cut by a multi-tool, but impossible to tear otherwise. I’ve heard that the military uses it for hand-cuffs sometimes.”)
-MedWrap (2) (“They’re just bandages, sweety. Bandages soaked in a little healing salve. Stops bleeding remarkably quickly.”)
-Can of baked beans (3)
-MedShot (1) (“If you have the skill, these syringes can be used on yourself, or others, to speed up the healing process of most wounds. Go from a years recovery to a few days. Remarkable stuff.”)
-ToxShot (1) (“You need to know a bit about medicine, but these are really handy when you have a cold, or are bitten by a snake. Kicks your immune system right where it needs to be to speed up healing. Remember to not use them when your healthy, dear.”)
-Medical Supplies (1) (“Has enough bandages and braces to hold together around 5 broken limbs. Useful to just have around, I suppose.”)
-Bottle of antidepressants
-Book of matches
-Bottle of morphine
-Bottle of codeine


Barter: 22 (add 5 for ‘Good Natured’ trait) = 27
Proficiency at trading and haggling

Explosives: 16 (subtract 5 for ‘Good Natured’ trait) = 11
Proficiency at using explosive weaponry, disarming mines, and crafting explosives.

Guns: 16 (subtract 5 for ‘Good Natured’ trait) = 11
Proficiency at using weapons that fire standard ammunition

Lockpick: 16
Proficiency at picking locks.

★Medicine: 18 (+15) = 33 (add 5 for ‘Good Natured’ trait) = 38
Proficiency at using medical tools, drugs, and applying first aid.

Melee Weapons: 10 (subtract 5 for ‘Good Natured’ trait) = 34
Proficiency at using melee weapons
(Combine Melee and Survival during combat when using a hunting knife)

Repair: 18 (add 5 for ‘Good Natured’ trait) = 23
Proficiency at repairing items, as well as crafting items and ammunition.

★Science: 18 (+15) = 33 (add 5 for ‘Good Natured’ trait) = 38
Proficiency at hacking terminals, as well as crafting drugs.

Sneak: 16
Proficiency at remaining undetected and stealing.

Speech: 22 (add 5 for ‘Good Natured’ trait) = 27
Proficiency at persuading others.

★Survival: 14 (+15) = 29
Proficiency at cooking, making poisons and crafting “natural” equipment and consumables.

Unarmed: 14 (subtract 5 for ‘Good Natured’ trait) = 9
Proficiency at kicking the shit out of basically everything


Originally born in what was once known as Lancashire in the United Kingdom, Alexey was raised by his mother (of English heritage), as his father (of Russian heritage) had passed on shortly after Alexey’s birth. Alexey grew up using his mother’s last name instead of his father’s, and he was named after his grandfather on his father’s side, as his mother knew his father would have disapproved from having Russian heritage, but a purely English name.

Growing up, Alexey found quite an interest in camping and “living off the land”, giving him vital survivalist skills. He frequently went fishing and hunting with homemade hooks, reels, bows, and arrows.

All throughout his life, Alexey prided himself in his abilities to see both sides of an argument and come to agreements to settle the problems on each side. Naturally, he became interested in the works of a small subsection of the local Law and Justice sector and, as soon as he possibly could, applied for an internship there. He completed his internship with flying colours and began working as a diplomat, carefully maintaining alliances with neighbouring colonies. Shortly thereafter, he was shipped overseas in an attempt of rekindling relations over the Atlantic. Since then, he has traveled across Canada, from the East coast westward, until finding himself quite comfortable in Haven. Haven is his current stop in his attempts to create overseas relations.

Alexey Durant

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