• Adrian Vladislavna

    Adrian Vladislavna

    A cold, calculating, ex-Police Corps with a violent streak a mile wide. She does not discuss herself, or much of anything.
  • Alexey Durant

    Alexey Durant

    A diplomat and general pacifist, currently attempting to reunite humanity.
  • Cynddelw Deniol Jones

    Cynddelw Deniol Jones

    A faith-confused generalist struggling to find direction.
  • Peter Talbott

    Peter Talbott

    A Junior Lieutenant set out to do as told and survive this awful life
  • Vittoria Sansa Greymark

    Vittoria Sansa Greymark

    A reckless assassin who tries to pretend she has a heart of stone.
  • Lieutenant Isaac Travis

    Lieutenant Isaac Travis

    A quick, determined member of the military. He cares of nothing but rising up to the top within the military.
  • The Magpie

    The Magpie

    An enigmatic thief, and apparent leader of the smugglers guild. Few have actually seen him.