Welcome to the Bad Lands

Back when the disease was considered the worst possible thing that could ever happen to the world, a group of scientists scrambled to find a solution. They came up with one: some good-old-fashioned government enforced pesticide, herbicide, and rodenticide dusting.

The scientists worked as quickly as they possibly could to develop their selected solution and limit the already sky-high casualty rate caused by the disease. Could you blame them for failing to test how effective they were?

Turns out they were very, very effective. The pesticide successfully stopped the spread of the disease through mosquitoes, but it also effectively killed off every winged insect that had essentially ever lived. The herbicide prevented the spread of disease through the spores that had sprouted on most of our crop land, but also prevented said cropland to ever be planted upon ever again.

But the disease, thankfully, was stopped. No one had to worry about the awful boils that grew on your face, nor did they need to worry about the terrible shakes it gave you. Instead, they could now safely worry about more important things, like whether or not the neighbors were willing to kill you for your single can of pasta, or whether the water coming out of your tap was safe to drink or not.

Skip ahead around 50 years. People are still killing each other over cans of pasta, but not as often, as there are not as many people. You still have to check whether your drinking water is safe, but not nearly as much as you used to, as water is a little hard to come by.

You see, plants turned out to really effect how an ecosystem worked. Once all of them were killed off, Alberta was turned into a raging dust bowl. Expect sandstorms, heat waves, and raging lunatics. It does ever so rarely rain, but you should head for cover when it does, because no one likes pesticide-induced tumors.

All in all, a depressing, shitty place to live.

Not like anywhere else is much better, though.

The Bad Lands

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