The Magpie

An enigmatic thief, and apparent leader of the smugglers guild. Few have actually seen him.


No one is quite sure what hes capable of, but it is well known he is competent in the art of stealth.


The Magpie is a legend within Haven, although no one knows very much about him.

Apparently, he heads a “Smugglers Guild” within Haven, and is the main source of contraband goods within Havens walls. He is also known to steal a variety of valuable objects, from food to medical equipment, with hardly any trace. Usually, these objects appear within the slummier parts of Haven without explanation.

Wanted by the Haven government, he has a bounty atop his head of 3000 credits, the highest bounty to ever appear upon Haven’s bulletin boards. Despite this, no one has ever successfully caught him.

The Magpie

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