Peter Talbott

A Junior Lieutenant set out to do as told and survive this awful life


Scouting Corps. Raven Division (Special Ops; disbanded)
Police Corps; Junior Sergeant

Strength: 7
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 8
Luck: 4

Lawful Neutral

Special Abilities / Traits:
-trained in first aid and CPR
-trained in hand to hand combat and long range shooting
-trained as a basic field medic

Gained Special Abilities
-Complete night vision in exchange for colour blindness (always)

Built to Destroy, +5 damages to enemies. Equipment breaks faster.
Trigger Discipline, guns are much more accurate, but you fire slower

Basic clothes
Scout Armour
Basic Light Armour, Light Armour (+2)
Basic Pistol, Hand Gun (1d8)
Maintenance Kit, Gear
Gun Ammunition (22), Gear
Brass Knuckles (1d6)
Basic Blade, Close Quarters (1d8)
Throwing Knives (10), Throwing (1d4)
Hand cuffs
Flare (1)
Flash bang (5)
Fiber wire
ToxShots (2)

Backpack (from looting/finding shit)
Dried meat
245 Credits
Bloodied leather gloves
Half a wooden comb


Barter: 12
Proficiency at trading and haggling

Explosives: 14
Proficiency at using explosive weaponry, disarming mines, and crafting explosives

Guns: 20 (+15) = 35
Proficiency at using weapons that fire standard ammunition

Lock pick: 14
Proficiency at picking locks.

Medicine: 34
Proficiency at using medical tools, drugs, and applying first aid.

Melee Weapons: 18
Proficiency at using melee weapons.

Repair: 14
Proficiency at repairing items, as well as crafting items and ammunition.

Science: 14
Proficiency at hacking terminals, as well as crafting drugs.

Sneak: 20 (+15) = 35
Proficiency at remaining undetected and stealing.

Speech: 12
Proficiency at persuading others.

Survival: 18
Proficiency at cooking, making poisons and crafting “natural” equipment and consumables.

Unarmed: 18 (+15) = 32
Proficiency at kicking the shit out of basically everything.


Peter was born in Haven. His father was absent his entire life and his mother died when he was only 7, succumbing to the illness she got after being stuck in the rain. Peter lived with a neighbour who took him in, cleaning and cooking for a place to sleep each night. Any free time he had was spent either stealing small things from the market, reading, or training.

When Peter turned 15, he joined the Military to start living on his own and get a wage. Eventually he was accepted into the Scouting Corps. Raven Division, the Special Ops of Haven. They were soon disbanded and all members scattered. Peter, like some others, decided to stay with the Military service and became a Junior Sergeant.

Peter is all too well aware of the world outside the wall and what disasters lie beyond them, having been out on a few runs out of the walls himself. Mostly for testing. He is awkward in social situations, however in a professional atmosphere he is able to work efficiently. He is almost too realistic, and won’t let his emotions sway his decision when on missions.

He likes quiet and calm atmospheres, classical and tranquil music, reading, and cleaning his weaponry. He only tolerates a handful of people, most of them his superiors. Because of his awkward social behaviour, he doesn’t have very many friends. Peter dislikes noise and commotion, children, the general population, intimacy, relationships, and most of all, his job.

He is 28 years old, 5ft 10in, 165lb and well-toned due to his service in the Military. His current objective in life is to survive this shit-hole they call a society.

Peter Talbott

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