Adrian Vladislavna

A cold, calculating, ex-Police Corps with a violent streak a mile wide. She does not discuss herself, or much of anything.



Strength: 8
Perception: 4
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 6
Luck: 8



Trigger discipline (higher accuracy, lower speed)


~Steel extending baton (1d8) (Non-Lethal)
~Standard Police pistol (1d8)
~Standard pistol (1d8)
~Police laptop
~Light Armor (+2)
~Maintenance Kit
~Standard Explorer’s Kit
~Basic Blade (1d8)
~Throwing Knives (1d6)


Barter: 10
Proficiency at intimidating haggling businesspeople.

Explosives: 12
Proficiency in operating explosives.

Guns*: 33
Proficiency in various light weaponry and most other standard weapons.

Lockpick: 12
Can pick or break locks by brute force only.

Medicine: 16
Proficiency with using medical appliances, drugs, bandages, splints, and basic diagnosis.

Melee*: 39
Proficiency with a variety of melee weapons.
(Combine Melee and Survival during combat when using a hunting knife)

Repair: 16
Can repair basic mechanical or software breakdown.

Science: 16
Proficiency in hacking, basic understanding of physics, functioning understanding of biological processes and human anatomy.

Sneak: 18
Proficiency in remaining undetected in standard to slightly challenging situations.

Speech: 10
Can stare at people and carry out a syllogism.

Unarmed*: 35
Master of multiple mixed martial arts. Likes breaking legs.

Survival: 20
Basic recognition of edible substances, fire-starting, would survive a zombie apocalypse.


Adrian Vladislavna was born to Constance and Jerome Vladislav, two mildly successful Ukranian arms dealers. Instead of following in the family footsteps, she instead joined the Pan-Slavic Police Corps, which quickly collapsed after suppressing a short-lived but brutal uprising of Croatian and Hungarian nationalists. Lacking direction, she wandered over Europe, traveling from colony to colony and eventually catching a ride to North America on a smuggler’s boat and entering what was once Canada through Alaska. Upon reaching Haven, her tale was heard and she was offered a place among the Haven Police Corps, which she accepted.

She was an exceptionally good policewoman, but was prone to abusing her power whenever anyone got in her way. Her success was not met without consequences, however: within a few years her husband, Gustav Coulssen, was murdered brutally in retribution for the destruction of a powerful gang under her leadership. She was thrown out of the Corps after getting into a fight with another officer, her partner, over a case. She struggles to find direction in her life and often resorts to flipping a coin or rolling a die for major descisions, but once she selects a goal she pursues it doggedly. She is uncharasmatic and off-putting, but supremely competent in pursuit of her set goals.

Adrian Vladislavna

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